Max/MSP sound programming tutorial

Hands on tutorial for programming sound with Max/MSP


Max/MSP is a visual and modular set of programming objects for audio synthesis and processing. More info in Cycling74 MSP page.

Focus of this workshop is to experiment with various techniques for recording, playbacking, generating and manipulating sound and make these processes interactive for live performance.


Topics :

  1. Generating sound: Additive Synthesis, Frequency modulation
  2. Recording sound with Max/MSP
  3. Playing back sampled sounds
  4. Applying effets: delay, chorus, filters
  5. Analyzing sound (snapshot~, analyzer~)
  6. Using graphial interface objects for sound processing: waveform~, filtergraph~
  7. Applying custom control interfaces with sensors and videocamera
  8. Image-sound-image transformations, visualisations
  9. Example project: REMULOOPPER: a REaltime MUltitrack audio-recording, -playback, looping, effects app for sound/music performance